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February 3 Happy Birthday to my sister Wendy, and Bob’s cousin Cliff. Sorry if I forget anyone’s birthday or anniversary as my calendar went back to Iowa without me! Bob had another good day (except for being cold all day). He’s confined to his room again because they think he may have the same infection again, so had to have therapy in his room. He did pretty good, and we practiced a little bit after the session to try to strengthen his right arm. I keep prompting him (well, he uses another word for it) that he needs to get strength built up in his arms so he can pull himself in and out of vehicles. We played some solitaire this afternoon (I did the shuffling and laying cards out and he told me what moves to make). This afternoon he did some walking back and forth in his room and then tried some leg squats, but it tuckered him out pretty good. He only drank orange juice and milk for breakfast, but did eat part of his lunch and supper. Of course he prefers the orange juice that I have to buy out of the machine, rather than the free stuff I can get out of the refrigerator! He called a friend and his sister today and had a good talk with them. I had taken the computer up and he read a couple messages but I think since there are over 5000 emails that it was a little overwhelming for him! He’ll have to learn how to “whip through them” all over again but it’ll give him something to do when we get home. Don’t know when the snow plows will get out near our place, but hopefully by the weekend so the neighbor can plow the driveway and Lin and Jim can get in there to get the house ready. Will have to pick up a few groceries when we get back also. I think we have meat and hashbrowns in the freezer but will need some basics as I’m leaving all our food down here.

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