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Friday 2/4/11 Another good day. Was really cold this morning – they’ve been having record low temps at Midland the past couple nights. Got to the hospital about 8:15 and stayed until 7 p.m - makes for a long day. Bob had his OT and PT therapies in his room again today. They brought a step, about 6” high, so he could practice stepping onto it, then turning to sit down on the raised bed. This will help so he can get into a vehicle (well, provided we have a step for him). He complained about having pain in his chest area so they did an eeg (or whatever that is) but don’t have results yet. It may just be strain from doing exercises (hopefully) because we are getting on that plane Wednesday morning come hell or high water !!! He worked for just a little bit on the computer. Said he ate his whole breakfast, but only ate part of lunch and supper. Ben came up to visit for a bit, and the case manager stopped in to say they were going to give me prescriptions for his meds on Monday, so I can get them filled for a few days and ready for Wednesday morning, and she will also fax them to the VA so they can get them ordered from Iowa City to be mailed to Iowa. Left Bob watching some shows on Alaska. Got back to Ben’s and little Dianna sat on the counter and fed me potato chips while I tried to eat my hotdog, with Percy the dog begging me! Watched Grey’s Anatomy and now ready to crash as I didn’t get much sleep last night because of leg cramps.

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