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Downtown Momtego Bay

Downtown Montego Bay

Montego Bay

Back pool and hot tubs

1/23/19 Montego Bay, Jamaica

What a great day!  It was 80 when we woke up!  It had rained a bit at some point, but it was beautiful now.  The temperature dipped to the mid 70's for a while and then worked its was up to around 85,  and was still about 89 at 8:30 pm. There were just a few straw market shops by the pier and nothing else within driving distance.  Jim and I were here in 1979, so were interested in seeing downtown Montego Bay again. We took a “taxi” which was a bus. There were signs posting peices to different areas.   We chose $14 per person round trip to “Hip Strip” which had shopping, restaurants, and the beach. Of course once on the bus, they did fast talking to try to get you to do a tour for $30pp.  We did not want a tour, so stuck to our plan. We paid $7 each and took a taxi for $7 each back when done. Our driver said gas was $7 per gallon. We got off at Margaritaville, and walked around, shopping as we went.  We were happy that they weren't real pushy and in your face. It was very hot, but luckily most of the stores had at least a little air conditioning. We were back on the ship by mid to late morning. We first went to the Serenity whirlpool.  It was HOT in that one. We stayed a little while and then ate lunch. After lunch, Jim read and took a nap. I went up to the back lido deck pool. It was surprisingly quite warm. At first it alternated sun and clouds, and was so nice in the pool.  After quite some time, it was mostly cloudy, so I used the whirlpool and it was beautiful. Later, we read on the balcony for a while. At times it was a bit too hot, but pretty nice on the balcony later in the day. After dinner, it was just right on the balcony.  Grand Cayman tomorrow!

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