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2/8/11 – LAST DAY IN MIDLAND Bob had just finished his cereal when I got to the hospital this morning. I waited until about 9 and then went to find the case manager to get the med prescriptions for Bob. There were 4 sheets (8.5 x 11) but I didn’t need to get all of them. I sat down with the RN to figure out what they were for and when he had to take them, and which ones we thought he could do without until he sees his VA doctor next Monday. I still ended up getting 9 different meds, but most of them are just 1 x a day in the morning. Got them at Walmart so a lot of them were only $4 but still ended up spending over $150! But the pharmacy tech was super helpful. I’ll be contacting the local hospital on Thursday so they can set up a time to come out and assess Bob for Home Health and PT/OT and get those times set up. Got Bob’s bag all packed except for the clothes he’s going to wear on the plane, and we played a couple games of cribbage before I packed the board/cards away. We’ll pick him up about 6:15 in the morning and head for the Midland airport to check in and then will get something to eat there so Bob can take his pills…oops guess I’m going to give them to him at the hospital before we leave and then he’ll only have one med to take on the way. We’ll have a 34 minute layover at Denver and land at Moline at 1:02 p.m., so expect to get to the house by 3 t the latest. Got back to Ben’s and we had grilled hamburgers, and then they had a little party for me. The kids (John, George, James and Dianna) had all made me “I’ll miss you” pictures and Melissa brought out an ice-cream cake with candles on it. They have all been so good to me and I’ll really miss them. I just finished packing and sent some last minute emails. Don’t know when I’ll be able to put anything on the blog again as it’ll take a bit to get the Internet set up at home again (provided I’ve remembered all the parts and Bob can remember how to set it up!!!). I can always be reached by email on my work account (jwinger@dacincorp.com) until we are back “on the air”. Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement; it has really helped get us through this nightmare

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