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2/9/11 - HOME

Well, things did not go exactly as planned. Bob called at 5:45 asking where we were – that he was sitting in the lobby waiting. I had told him we’d pick him up about 6:15 !! We were just loading up the suitcases and went to the hospital. He was sitting in the hallway outside his room, not in the lobby! We got his bag and loaded him in Ben’s Yukon, did a good job climbing in. When we got to the airport at 6:30 we were told that due to the plane/pilots getting in later than expected the night before and requiring a full 8 hours between flights, that the plane would be an hour late taking off. With only 34 minutes between flights that pretty much ruled out getting in when expected. We booked on the next plane out of Denver, and waited at the Midland Airport for 3 hours! Then in Denver we had to wait another 4 hours! In Denver they took us on a tram to the VIP waiting area where we had couches, a TV, private bathroom, and Ben got us some food for lunch. They came back and got us a half hour before loading and took us back to the correct gate and then wheeled Bob onto the plane first. Lenae and Mark picked us up at the airport and we dropped Ben off at his hotel, and headed back to Maquoketa. The neighbor had done a great job cleaning the driveway and we were able to get Bob into the house without too much trouble. Got home at 8 p.m. (4 hours plane, 1.25 hours car, and the rest of the time all waiting). Weebles was waiting and was sure happy to see us! Bob was pretty wiped so I got his meds into him and put him to bed. Sure felt good to be home.

2/10/11 Bob had 4 bowls of cereal for breakfast! I started putting things away (which will take about a week as I’m pretty wiped). A home health agency from Monticello called and said VA had contacted them to come out and do an assessment. She arrived about 10:30 and went over his meds with me (which apparently I had screwed up the night before!). She talked to VA to get me a few more pills that I had been shorted in Midland, so I ended up going to town to get that filled and some more groceries after Lin came out to sit with Bob. We have an appt. with VA in Dubuque on Monday, so she’ll be back on Tuesday, as well as an OT and a PT therapist to assess and set up a schedule. They will come into the home (I was afraid I was going to have to figure out how to get him into town). While I was in town Lin helped Bob get the TV’s set back up on Dish Network, and thought they had the Internet set up, but it didn’t work right. Says it’s connected by we can’t get on any websites. Long day. Did some laundry/dishes and then I made pizza for supper but Bob only had one bite and some fruit and went to bed, and I stayed up to watch Greys and Private Practice

2/11/11 Bob was up and down all night because he went to bed so early! I have a foggy-type cold and start coughing when I lay down, so I was awake most of the night also. I came out at 5:30 and he was eating cereal again (only 2 bowls today). We ended up going back to bed for a bit and back up about 8. He was worried about getting new filters for the humidifier and insisted I go to town. He called when I was in town and said his friend Jim, and the neighbor Jack had come to visit so I didn’t have to hurry back home. Gave me time to stop at DAC and visit with the girls. Sure felt good to get some hugs!!! Got back home at noon and fixed lunch, then we both took a nap. Jack brought some wood over later and we got a fire started. Got a few more things put away (we had stacks of mail we had gone through) and more dishes done. For hardly eating we sure have a lot of dishes! And I constantly have a list going of things we did NOT bring back with us that we’ll need to replace! Got a heating mattress for the bed but will wait until the weekend to put it on as it’s quite a job for one person. Bob ended up going to bed about 6:30 so I’ll just relax and get a few more things put away because I know it’ll be an early morning again!

2/12/11 Saturday Got stuff in the living room put away so Bob can get around a lot easier. Did a couple loads of laundry. Jack brought over some more wood and we had another fire. Bob’s blood pressure has been low all day, so I withheld one of his bp pills tonight. We put the mattress heater on and warmed the bed up for him. Put on some music and danced for a few minutes.

2/13/11 Sunday Only 1 big bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning; I think he's trying to lose weight! Actually, it's the only thing that tastes good to him other than some mashed potatoes/gravy I made. Lin came over this morning to try to set the Internet up again. Found out that there is some "lan" part in Bob's computer that isn't working right, as when she used my computer it worked fine. Will have to get that fixed, and then figure out how to get the router working so we don't have to be attached with a cable. Will write more later.

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