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Downtown Skagway.

Jonathan receives his Jr. Ranger badge for Skagway.

Jonathan in front of the snow blower train engine in Skagway.

With a little better view of the front you get a better...

This plaque was located in the downtown circle of Skagway commemorating Skagway...

Jonathan poses with the climbers as the go up the Chilkoot Trail.

Smiley Boy! The sun was out this morning so we ran around...

This plaque tells the history of Skagway and the Chilkoot Trail.

The sign posts directs you to towns all over Alaska. Jonathan comtemplates...

A side shot of the White Pass Train.

A view down the side of the train of the coal car...

A look at all the shops and tourists off the cruise ships.

The sign on the side of the National Park Building. The town...

The Red Onion Saloon and other shops.

The front of the building on the left was covered in sticks....

A view toward the bay and the mountains.

A glacier on top of the mountains across the bay.

The White Pass train with the snowblower on the front out the...

Driving down Broadway with the best view of all.

Horse and carriage waiting for someone who wants to ride in style...

A museum. We didn't make it to this end of town to...

The office of the RV park we stayed at.

The White Pass Train yard.

Reaching the summit between Skagway and Carcross.

A view of a waterfall out Tom's window as he drives.

Driving back towards Carcross, the views are beautiful.

Glaciers on the mountains at the pull-out.




The train station at the other end of the White Pass railroad...

Spectacular views.

A map showing the Chilkoot Pass, White Pass and river route people...

We stopped at the rest stop where the town of Log Cabin...







We think this was once part of a an old mining set...




Passing by the Carcross-Tagish Government Offices.


Crossing the Continental Divide.

Saturday, September 12, 2009.

Nugget City RV Park, West of Watson Lake, Yukon

Goodbye to Skagway

Tom said he would get things around the RV ready while Jonathan and I went into town to turn our Jr. Ranger materials in, take a few more pictures in the sunshine and pick up some milk so we headed out. Jonathan was sworn in as a Jr. Ranger in Skagway so I took his picture with the Ranger then it was off to take a few more pictures by the statue of the men climbing up Chilkoot Pass and the White Pass Train. We snapped pictures of anything that we hadn't taken pictures of before or took pictures of anything we wanted a background of a blue sky for today.

Next it was off to the grocery store to get milk and a few other items. Well, we found out they had our “few other items” but no milk. A barge comes in on Wednesdays with their groceries for town and if you don't have your milk by the weekend, I guess you're out of luck! They had a big crowd around here with this run so I'm sure all the locals made sure they got what they needed long before that rolled around. Next stop.

We headed back to the campground and got the Yukon hooked up and away we went. The drive out of Skagway was just as pretty as it was coming in. All mountains, waterfalls and lakes along the way. We drove for about five or six hours then pulled into a campground west of Watson Lake called Nugget City. We crossed the continental divide and even saw a couple of moose along the way.

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