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3/5/11 Happy Birthday Rain Went to a little party for my great granddaughter, who turned 1 today. She’s sure a cutie. Bob is doing better. He’s starting to go around the house without his wheelchair and walker (while I hold my breath). Has been getting therapy several times a week and is finally starting to eat some meat (are hotdogs considered meat??) Has an appointment at the Dubuque VA on Monday, and Iowa City on Thursday. Hope the weather cooperates as we have to be there by 8 am on Thursday so will need to leave here at least by 6… Weebles got a haircut the other day and looks much better. He was really getting shaggy. Now if his dad could just get out to get a haircut! The ulcer on the back of Bob’s head is nearly healed and hopefully the hair will grow back in on that spot. But if not at least he’s a guy and can wear a hat to cover it up! We had to get a load of gravel for the driveway as it was getting so muddy; now people only have to slide in from the main gravel road, but if you take it easy and stay out of the ruts it’s smooth sailing!

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