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Mehan Lake this morning.

Jonathan and I take a walk down by the lake to check...

The RV sits up above the lake in the pull-out.

The fireweed is seeding out down by the lake.

Someone must come here often. They have a dock to fish from,...

Throwing rocks in the water.

Catching Jonathan running back to the RV with the mountains in the...

Ready for a little football?

Jonathan throws a nice pass when Deb runs his play. Will it...

Jonathan calls the next play. Eight steps out, right three steps.

Look at that spiral. He's a great quarterback!

A walk down to the lake with Tom. We had to show...

As we get close to Stewart, we come across Bear Glacier so...

Deb with the Glacier in the background. Can you tell it was...

Jonathan throwing rocks down the bank into the water below.

Tom snaps pictures as Jonathan and I check out the shoreline.

The glacier as it exits into the lake.


Here you can see the blue in the ice. It's just beautiful.

The whole road down into Stewart and Hyder looked like this. Mountains...


Monday, September 14, 2009.

Bear Paw RV Park, Stewart, British Columbia.

Homeschooling and Football then Drive to Stewart and Hyder

We didn't realize last night what a nice view we had. We looked out the windows this morning and there's a lake with mountains in the background. Jonathan and I decided we had to take a walk this morning just to get out for a little while before we started our school routine. We found a path that led down to the water. Someone must come here a lot. There was a fire pit, a floating dock with a step to it so you could stand and fish from it and a couple other neat things. The fireweed was all around. It's at the stage where it's seeding out though so you can see it blowing around in the air.

We got the football out for a while and threw it around. We ran some plays. Tom even came out and took a few snapshots for us. How often do you get to play football by the side of the lake in the mountains?

We were sitting in the RV at one point with the window open and heard loons calling. That was really cool. Loons have special meaning for me because they remind me of all the canoe trips I did with my dad. I was telling Jonathan about them and what they look like when they take off and land. They're really fun to watch. We didn't get to see them do it but it was fun to hear them calling to one another.

We pulled out around 3:00 and headed for Stewart. As we were driving down into Stewart we could see glaciers on top of the mountains along the road but there was one, Bear Glacier, where we could see where it exited right down into the water. We pulled off for a while to take a good look. Very cool. Jonathan had fun throwing rocks down in the water there too.

We had reservations at Bear River RV Park. When we arrived, the owner told us there were bears in the campground and that one had broke into his front door last night. That was a little unnerving. It was getting dark so I was glad to get into our campsite and settled in for the night. We saw a van that we had seen in Seward parked across from us. They had a web address on their van so we checked it out. They're a full time family on the road too so we shot them an email and ended up meeting them briefly.

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