2010 - 2011 Adventure travel blog

3/6-3/13/11 Things are still going fairly well. Bob has an infection again so is on medication for that, but is off almost everything else. He just used his walker at the Iowa City VA so his walking is getting better; still needs to work on steps. Couldn’t get the CT scan done due to his kidneys not being 100%, so he’ll have to reschedule and do it by a different method rather than the IV die insertion. I’m going to start back to work Monday and see how that goes.

3/26/11 Back to Normal !

Well back is back to normal, driving the car and eating whatever he wants. Off all but 2 pills so that’s great news. He’s waiting to find out when he’ll be headed to Washington, but at least we know now that he can make it out onto the tarmac and up the airplane steps when it comes time. He should be able to start golfing when he gets back, and maybe even go back to work part time  (my idea, not his)

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