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Grand Junction Depot

Train and Depot

Horseshoe Shape Tunnel

Train on turntable

Aquarium - 2 Buildings

Fountain in front of Aquarium

Birds in Rain Forest of Aquarium


Purple Fish

Tree Frog


Turtles, Ducks and Fish

Friday, June 2, drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee, about a three hour drive. Narrow curvy roads through the Nantahala River Gorge, right past the place the train stopped for lunch break yesterday. Then we had a nice 4-lane highway for a while. Then through the Ocoee River area, which must be a very popular float trip area. There were many companies offering river raft rides down the rapids. The roads in this area were hilly and very narrow with many curves. The rock cliffs were so close to the road, that I thought the right hand mirror would be ripped off the motorhome. The left lane was very close to the river with a steep drop off. The road curves were very sharp and some required you to slow to 20 mph. Of course there were trucks and river raft buses that you had to meet in the on coming lane. We did make it to the Raccoon Mountain campground, early afternoon.

Saturday, June 3, we rode another train. It was the Tennessee Valley Railroad, which you could call it the Chattanooga Choo Choo, since it was in Chattanooga. This train has two depots. We got on at the East Chattanooga Depot and rode the 3 miles to the other depot called Grand Junction Station, which is their main station. It has a static display of many cars and engines, small museum, gift shop and lunch counter. When you pull into the Grand Junction Station the train pulls into a Y track, which it uses to turn the train around so that it is ready to return to the other station. We looked around for a while, had lunch and then rode the train back to the East Chattanooga station. The short trip crosses three bridges and goes through a tunnel. The East station has a turntable that they use to turn the engine around, ready for the return trip to the other station. It was very interesting to see the engine being turned around. They then give you a short tour of the shop area. Even though it was a short train ride, it was very interesting. After that we went to downtown Chattanooga and their riverfront to visit the aquarium. It was a two building complex, one River Journey and the other Ocean Journey. This aquarium also displayed the rain forest, which is the majority of our pictures this time. After both buildings we were tired. Back to the RV to rest.

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