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White Lady

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Split Point

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Group of Roos




Art Center

Giant Koala

We left the house in Lorne on Wed the 16th. We drove along the Ocean Road until we reached Torquay. ....still very spectacular views. One of the areas was Bells Beach which is supposed to be the surfing capital of the world. I missed Lorne though and would love to take more pictures someday.

The drove through Airey's inlet where there was another lighthouse. It is called the White Lady on Split Point.It was then on through Geelong and then up to Ballarat to a Caravan Park ( RV park) We had a very nice and modern cabin. On the way in to Ballarat Bobby noticed a bright orange building that said Kirrit Bareet Aboriginal Art and Cultural Center.

The kids played in the playground and played miniature golf. They mostly played in the leaves though. They pretended to be headless. They hadn't seen fall leaves since leaving Ambridge,Pa. Fall does come to Ballarat. Fall doesn't come to Adelaide they say. It was very nice weather the whole trip.

The next morning Bob and I and Bobby went to the If you there on the right day you could paint a boomerang and hear music of the Didjeridu.

The Didjeridu is a hollowed out length of Stringy Bark that was hollowed out by termites. In fact the music was being played on cd's in the gallery. It is a very haunting and beautiful sound.

There was an art showing at the time featuring local Aboriginal artists. We really enjoyed the place.Bob and I bought a very nice piece of art called River Tribes. A great place to stop to see ancient tools and information. We also a didjeridu music CD.

The next morning we traveled on west towards Adelaide. On the way there was a giant sculpture of a Koala bear. It was maybe 3 stories tall. The kids loved it. Australia is famous for roadside sculptures and for no reason at all. On the way down from Adelaide we passed a giant orange crab...helps break up the driving and I suppose pulls people off the highway to buy stuff....worked for us ;)

At Bordertown there were some kangaroos. We had seen many kangaroo crossing signs. We saw some dead kangaroos (sadly) on the side of road.

We are now in Adelaide having a few days rest then Bob and I will set off alone to probably the Flinders ranges.


Judy and Bob

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