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Arriving at St. Lucia

Castries Cruise Terminal

Entrance to Colonial House

Living room in Colonial House

Another room in the house

Painting of St Lucia's National Bird

Cruise Ship from Colonial House

Governor General's Home

Art Studio Work Shop

Art in the Studio

Art in Studio

A house in St. Lucia

How to Recycle Tires

Marigot Bay

Fishing Boat at Anse Le Raye

Fishing Nets at Anse Le Raye

Beach at Anse Le Raye

Anse Le Raye

British Phone Box at Castries Cruise Terminal

Ferry coming into Castries Harbour

Plane ready for takeoff at Castries Airport

Passing Airport Runway as we leave

Lighthouse at Castries

The Pitons

This morning was another early rise, but without the drama of yesterday. We were getting ready when breakfast arrived. We ate and got ready. We watched the ship dock with no sensation f hitting the dock it was done so smoothly. There were several boats about, as there appeared to be all day. The call for disembarkation had not come by the appointed time, so we decided to head down to the gangway deck, but discovered it was not open. We had to wait one deck up which was becoming quite crowded with people like ourselves, anxious not to be late for our excursion. The gangway was soon opened and we made our way down and off the ship where we joined the line for our tour. We were on the second bus. These buses were small, but much more comfortable than the ones on Barbados. They only had three seats across rather than the four of yesterday in the same width of bus.

We set off up twisting roller coaster roads where the driver backed the bus up a narrow road already populated by two like sized buses and a minivan. I do not know how they manage to manoeuvre these vehicles, but they do so most skillfully. At the top of this road was a colonial home, still occupied by a family, so we only saw the downstairs, public rooms which were certainly interesting, but warranted more time to explore than we were allowed. There was a fine view of our ship and Castries from the driveway.

We went from there to an artisan complex, mainly woodwork. We went into the workshop and saw one of he artists working on a wooden mask. We then went to a display are where there were some magnificent pieces of art. Naturally there was a gift shop with some really nice pieces. We bought a carved wooden fridge magnet as a souvenir.

From there we went to an overlook of Marigot Bay which has been the backdrop for several movies, including scenes for Dr. Dolittle. The name "Marigot" has become ubiquitous in this trip and I am curious about its origin. So far I have not tracked it down.

Next stop was a fishing village with a market. We had a look around and went out on the pier to take photos and see the beach. From there we headed back to the ship with a pause to overlook a natural bridge carved by the sea. The traffic was stop and go for the last part of the trip.

Although this was a short tour, I felt I got a better feel for the country than I did yesterday in Barbados. Christine did not see it that way and felt she got a good taste of Barbados.

We picked up lunch from the Neptune Lounge and ate it on our veranda. We spent the afternoon watching the boats in the bay and planes and helicopters taking off and landing at the airport just a short distance away. I got all of the day's photos labelled.

The ship sailed early today and went to the south of the island to let us view the Pitons at Soufriere Bay. These are two volcanic peaks which rise abruptly from the sea and are really quite spectacular. We got ready for dinner and went to see them and take photos. From there we went to the dining room where we have been eating. It is a really nice perk as you do not need to make reservations or have a fixed dining time, you just walk in and it is first come, first served, but we have never had to wait for a table. We again enjoyed a lovely meal.

We then went to the showroom to sea a BBC produced movie of wild animals entitled "Planet Earth II". This was accompanied by the string quintet and a combo from one of the other rooms.

It was excellent, though it was hard to appreciate the music as you watched the action on the screen.

Now Christine is getting ready for tomorrow and I am getting this up to date.

Tomorrow we should be in St. Kitts where we have booked a train ride round the island.

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