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Thursday, September 17, 2009.

South Park RV Park, Prince George, British Columbia

Smithers to Meeting Barb in Prince George

We didn't have any problem with staying in our spot while Tom finished up work today so that was good. Jonathan and I made a run over to the grocery store at one point to pick up a few things since it was right across the parking lot. Doesn't get much handier than that! When it was time to go we just had to put things away, lock things down, pull in the slides and we were off!

Our drive today should have been about four to five hours but it turned out to be more like seven. First we were going to try to park at a Walmart but after getting into the lot found signs posted “No RV Parking Overnight” so that idea was out. They must have an ordinance against that in Prince George so next thing was to get back out on the highway and head for the gas station. We figured we'd just fuel up before going to the same campground we were at last time we were in town. There was construction going on though and it took about thirty minutes to get back on the highway.

When we got to the gas station we met Barb. Tom and Jonathan went outside to start pumping the gas. I was getting my boots on and was going to go out and start washing the front windshield when I noticed someone talking to Tom. There was a lady talking to him and she was upset. I decided to stay inside and just observe for a while but later locked things up and went out and listened. She was wanting a ride out to a friends house about ten minutes out past the campground. Long story short. We gave her a ride. Turns out, the person that was “supposed” to help her had gone on vacation and had a house sitter now. She flagged us down again going back the other direction. We took her back to the gas station and dropped her off again. We made the mistake of telling her which campground we were planning on staying in so she showed up at our door again later that evening. It was just a fiasco. When it was all said and done, we think we were being played but we figured we had to let it go and let it be between her and God. It made for a long evening though.

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