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Arriving at the Exploration Center, I took Jonathan's picture as we entered...

One of the dinosaurs on display.

Don't let him bite your head off!

Jonathan tries to land the Lunar Lander without running out of fuel.

Sequencing the motor so it will start.

What a real jail cell looked like back in the 60's.

Jonathan tries to score against the goalie in hockey.

Playing pool together.

We stopped at the Ancient Forest for a hike through the woods.

The trees in the Ancient Forest are the size of the Sequoias...

It was like a coastal rain forest in the central mountains of...

Tom and Jonathan pose for the camera.

Jonathan poses on the bridge by these trees.


Deb in amongst the group of trees.

Deb and Jonathan by Big Tree.



An animal track in the mud.

Jonathan and Deb in amongst the greenery.

A ring of trees form a circle up above.

You can see the mountains in the distance.

Mt. Sir Alexander the sign says.

I guess it's only been climbed a few times. Very pretty view...

Our last trek was up to see the water fall. We made...

Pictures and Jonathan took a video.

Back to the bottom of the trail. We made it!

Tom and Jonathan together. A fun hike! Now, back on the road...

Friday, September 18, 2009.

Pull-Out Between McBride and Dunster, Bristish Columbia

Exploration Museum & Ancient Forest Trail

Jonathan and I drove into Prince George today to the Exploration Museum. We had a little bit of a hard time finding the place but once we did we had fun. They had several neat displays. There was a motor that Jonathan enjoyed working with. They had dinosaur bones on display. There was a sports booth where people could try out hockey, soccer or basketball. Jonathan and I even had the opportunity to play a game of pool on an old fashioned pool table. It was a fun day.

We got back to the RV just in time to help Tom pack things up. We pulled out and got some driving in tonight then found a pull-out a little ways past McBride and decided to call it a night.

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