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A large rock they had painted with a bear fishing in a...

I think somebody wants to hitch a ride! Should we pick up...

Scenery near McBride, B.C.

We drove into town to pick up a few groceries. Here's the...

A train pulls into town.

The drive to Jasper National Park.

Beautiful scenery.

The ridge ahead looks pretty.

The fall colors are starting to come.




Arriving at Jasper National Park.

The Canadian Rockies.

The sun was going to be going down soon so I was...




Wednesday, September 23, 2009.

N.V. Mountain Chalet and RV Resort

A Shiny Clean Rig and Yukon!

Today we spent time getting school done and gearing up for being on the road again. We headed into Jasper National Park as soon as Tom could wind things up with work. We stopped in McBride to get a few groceries becuse we knew those would be hard to come by in the middle of a national park so milk, eggs and bread were important then we hit the road.

The drive was great. Too bad we couldn't get on the road a little earlier though. We got to a point where the sun started going down and you just knew you were driving through beautiful scenery but it was either miss this or miss other parts of Jasper and Banff so we had to make the tough choices.

We are parked in a parking lot to camp for the night. We'll go from here tomorrow.

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