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Tom took a few shots when he got up this morning. There...

The sun starts to shine on the mountain.

Here you can see the Columbia Ice Field across the parking lot....

Here's the guy Jonathan took the picture of that was taking pictures...

Jonathan and I are headed up to the Visitor Center. We looked...

Jonathan with the Ice Field and Ice Crawler behind him.

You can see the RV behind the buildings down in the parking...

The view of the Columbia Ice Field from the Visitor Center.


Jonathan inside the model of the iceberg at the Visitor Center.

If you didn't get the pictures of the signs entering the park,...

Here's the one for Banff with Jonathan standing beside it.

The view of the Visitor Center from the RV with the mountains...

Jonathan spends a little bit of time outside with his pirate sword...

The RV with the mountains behind it. We're getting ready to go...

A close up of the Snocoach or Glacial Crawler. They were giving...

On the road again. Headed for Lake Louise.

Entering Banff National Park, Canada.

It rained a little bit off and on but the drive was...

The Canadian Rocky Mountains are so rugged looking. They're really pretty.

A look over the shoulder down into the river valley.

Mountain goats along the roadside.

More beautiful scenery.

We had come down a long ways down and needed to let...

The bridge kind of puts things in perspective in terms of the...


Rolling on through the park toward Lake Louise.



We stopped by the river for a few minutes to take all...


The scenery just goes on and on.





Here you can see the glacier on the mountain across the lake.

People were stopping along the way to take pictures of the glacier...

Crowfoot Glacier. The bottom toe has started melting over the years though.

More beautiful scenery.

Arriving in Lake Louise.

Thursday, September 24, 2009.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Lake Louise, Canada.

Columbia Ice Field in Jasper to Lake Louise in Banff

Tom started the day out by taking pictures of our beautiful view out the front window this morning. He has shots of the sun rising over the mountains and shining down over the glacier across the road. We were outside last night after we pulled in listening to the water in the distance and looking at the stars in the sky. Not many lights out here!

When Jonathan got up this morning, the first thing he did was walk to the front window to look out and check out the view. He looked behind us and saw a Chevy Tahoe and thought “Well, they're tourists, obviously. Yeah, that's an easy thing to tell when they're taking pictures of our rig from every angle they can!” So he went and got our camera . By this time they had pulled around front so he took a picture of them taking a picture of us. The guy in the Tahoe laughed when he saw Jonathan and drove forward about five feet so we thought he was going to leave but he backed up and took another picture before he left. He must have wanted one more. Maybe he wants to go RVing some day! We think he took a picture of the best rig on the road anyway. ;-) This happened in Seward a few times too. It's just gotten to be a running joke with us.

Jonathan and I headed up to the Visitor Center for a while. He didn't seem to be much in the mood for learning about the Columbia Ice Field though so we headed back a little earlier than planned. I spent time working on the web page this afternoon until Tom was done with work then we drove to Lake Louise to get settled into our campground. Jonathan found a spot in amongst the pine trees to play in. It reminded Tom and I of the pine trees in the back yard of our first house.

We had a nice dinner together once we got settled in for the night then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

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