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Saturday, October 3, 2009.

Hart Ranch, Rapid City, South Dakota.

Three States in Ten Hours!

We woke up to the alarm at 6:00 this morning. There's just something wrong about setting an alarm on a Saturday morning though you know? Anyway, Tom and I got up and got ready. Jonathan had slept up front last night so while we thought we were being quiet not to wake him up front we walked in only to find him playing at the computer at 6:30. We had breakfast, checked the rig to make sure everything was alright and took in the sunrise before hitting the road then we drove to Billings.

Billings was where we fueled up and I made sandwiches for anyone that got hungry for the remainder of the day. We just drove and munched and read a little bit here and there off and on all day. We did make one stop just past Little Big Horn. It was an overlook dwon into a valley that was really pretty. The Bozeman Trail was down below where wagon trains had gone many years ago. There was a big plaque with descriptions of the people who were important to the history of the trail along with their pictures.

After stretching our legs and talking with the other couple who were there for a little while we all jumped back into the RV and got on the road again. It wasn't too long after that we crossed into Wyoming. The terrain seemed to change a little bit at that point. Things got a little greener and there were more buttes and plateaus than we had seen before.

We drove one southeast into Rapid City. Tom began recognizing things right away. We have been this way a couple times before. The first time was when we borrowed his mom and her husband's RV. Jonathan was about four years old. We left for a two week vacation and had three flat tires by the time we had reached this area. Tom was recognizing strips of highway where he had changed a tire or exits where service stations were. Good memory!

We made it Hart Ranch between 7:30 and 8:00. They had a packet for us to check in with. The site they assigned us to wouldn't work with the satellite dish so we went to the one we ended up in last time we were here. The one next to it didn't have a tree by it so we took it instead. We'll have to check with the office in the morning to make sure they're OK with that but the place looks pretty empty compared to what it did when we were here in July last year. We're on full hook-ups so we'll be doing laundry while we're here.

Pictures to come.

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