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bedroom detail

lounge detail

dining detail

lemon tree

Ndav on bike

Yonatan on bike

Art Gallery

Adelaide is a very spread out city and hard to see it all. Bobby and Shoshana are renting a nice older home. I am attaching a few pictures.This home was built by a Greek and they planted many trees. They have lemon,mandarin orange,grapes,regular orange and olives. I love the mandarin oranges.

The interior has lots of details. It is very art deco.

We had a passover dinner with them on Saturday and another passover dinner on Sunday at the synagogue. The boys sang beautifully during part of the dinner.

Passover is the most popular Jewish holiday. The dinner celebration is called a seder. The Passover Seder is a meal with special foods, practices, and Scripture readings that commemorate the liberation from Egyptian slavery. The boys also did a puppet show showing Moses in the basket on the river Nile and other events at their home dinner..They were very funny ..they would be behind the chair with their puppets arguing with each other about which puppet was next.... very cute.

Sunday we watched the boys ride their bikes at a bmx park. Looked like fun. Bobby took us to the Art Gallery..(art museum ) downtown. We saw wonderful aboriginal art there. I couldn't take pictures inside but got post cards of much of the art. Some were the size of a home wall. Very very interesting.

Today Bob Bobby and I are taking off with a rental camper to the Flinders Ranges. There look to be some very interesting places to see. We will keep you posted whenever we can.

Judy and Bob

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