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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rustic Barn, Kieler, WI

Indian Lakes to Ottawa to Rustic Barn

We pulled out of Indian Lakes Thousand Trails this morning at 8:00 AM. It was kind of bitter sweet because we knew it would be a while before we would be back and we knew this would be the last campground we would pull out of as part of our dream. We were starting a new chapter today. We drove past Steve and Sheila's place, blew the horn as they were getting ready to go to church then drove on down the road.

We drove on around Indianapolis then got on I-74 toward Champagne Urbana. I got really tired at one point and headed for the couch. I did catch a few winks then woke up when I heard Jonathan talking about something. I figured we were close enough to Ottawa at this point that it would be a good idea to go back up front so I'd be wide awake by the time we got to Jimmy and Mona's to meet them for lunch. Jimmy called Tom just as we were talking about when we were going to call him. So that worked out well. We were to give them a call when we arrived at the parking lot of the Dollar General store there in south Ottawa so that's what we did. We drove past the development where we had purchased a lot when we first moved to Ottawa. Houses were standing there now. That seems like such a long time ago now.

We ended up going to the New Chalet for lunch. Jack and Lois Rowe were there so Jimmy and Mona stopped to say "Hi" on the way to the table. I wasn't sure if they remembered us but they did. We had a nice lunch and good visit. When we headed back we picked up the car from them then drove it on over to the RV. They had kept the KIA at their place for us while we went down to Indiana so we wouldn't have to drive it down there when we didn't really need it down there. We said our goodbyes they got on the road again.

It took us about three and a half hours to get up to Kieler. We drove I-80 out to U.S. 61 then went north up to Dubuque. That took us across the river and right to the campground. We checked in with the campground hosts. They seem very friendly. the sight we were supposed to be on won't allow the satellite to shoot through the trees though so we had to move to a different site. We may request to move again in the morning. We'll get it all figured out eventually. We have a nice view of the fields though and we can get a good signal now.

Once we got things set up, we got in the Yukon and drove on over to Tom's sister Sandy's house. When he knocked on the door, she answered and asked him "What are you doing here?" She was surprised. I think she was really surprised when she realized we were here to stay but then she seemed excited so that was nice.

We're back in the RV again and really should be in bed. It was a late night. We started talking about places where land was available and houses for sale. I think we're going to start looking a little bit tomorrow night. We'll see what happens. BIG DAY!

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