Bayou Bound and traipsing through Texas Hill Country, 2008 travel blog

Roadrunner in Fort Stockton

Fort Lancaster scenic loop

View from the escarpment

Driving to the valley floor

Fire damage

Several mesas

A perfect mesa

Rock Hound visitors center taken from our campsite

The desert is beautiful

Our campsite

A park resident

Another park resident - quail


On the road towards the desert we drove past more exotic animal ranches. We got to Ft. Stockton in the evening and camped in a private campground.

The next day we took a break from freeway views and diverted to the Fort Lancaster scenic loop. This turned out to be a surprisingly scenic byway with panormic views from an escarpment and the many mesas. We also saw lots of wildlife as this road is infrequently used.

We arrived at Rock Hound State Park, New Mexico, in the evening. A beautiful park with lots of wildlife wandering through the campsites. We planned on staying here several days but during our first night, a severe sandstorm started, rocking the motorhome and ripping my awning coverings. We didn't want to subject the motorhome to more pounding so left in the early morning. We had to drive through 250 more miles of blowing sand till we finally limped into Tuscon and Catalina State park.

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