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Connie was intrigued with the kapok tree, but Cesar had most of...

close up shows the cotton inside the pods

aerial biew of the orchard owned by 2 brothers

one of the brothers wanted tangerines and other fruit transported to Creel

Martin and a Tarahumara who is passing by

I still wonder what this is! Dee got the pic

some of the switchbacks to get down this mountain

looks like a castle with palm trees around it!

Tarahumara store hay in trees away from the livestock

little girl sells her baskets to us as we eat lunch and...

Dee is ready to go!

Susan and Jorge are now ready!

How talented I am to take a pic while driving an ATV...

I ended up ahead of them and stopped to get this pic

the waterfall we were promised

Jorge on the edge of a rock I didn't dare jump onto

He sits on the edge to pose for me

I was intrigued by the tree on the edge

another view of the canyon

they opened the bar for us!

After breakfast, we got loaded up and rode for 5 hours back to Creel. We had a sandwich with their good bread, some cheese, and a mystery meat with no flavor. That’s okay though because of all the heavy meals we’ve had so far – we all felt we would eat dinner tonight! Where we stopped was off the main road by a creek or river. Two girls came down from their home, the older one carrying baskets she made herself. The younger one was too shy to cross the creek to join us. Many of us bought a basket or two and gave her our uneaten sandwiches. They had a good lunch when we left!

Dee, Susan, and I went on ATVs to go see a giant waterfall about an hour after we got back. The others went shopping, visited the town’s museum, or just rested. A little way into the trip, Susan decided she wasn’t going any further because an old neck injury came back to haunt her. Dee and I went on with our guide for a little way when Dee decided she didn’t feel comfortable doing it and wanted to go back. On our way back, two guys on an ATV came up to us and offered to take Susan back while we continued. Dee still wanted to go back, so I went on alone with the guide. The trail was rough but very exciting. The waterfall was long but in the shade and hard to capture in a picture. We went on to the edge of the rim where we saw great views of the deep canyon and a brown eagle soaring about ½ way down. I was too chicken to jump on to a neighboring rock, but Jorge did and I took pictures of him.

When I got back, others were ready to find a bar in town and have a beer before dinner, so I hurriedly got cleaned up a bit and joined them. I offered to show them on my computer what I saw on my trip, so I was the after dinner entertainment, as they proclaimed! I had a great time doing something very different!

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