Celia & Jim's Key Largo to Long Island, Bahamas April-May 2013 travel blog

25 lb 12 oz Hogfish

Look closely at right hand

Close call!

We stopped in between Norman's Cay and Andros Town on the Exuma Banks to do some spear fishing. Jim spotted this monster of a hog.

He gave him a ride before breaking free from his pole spear. We searched for a half hour before Jim spotted him hiding in a coral hole. Jim put another spear into his tail, he needed to pull him out backwards from his hole. I darted down while Jim was getting a breath. This is where they save "DON'T DO THIS AT HOME!"

I stuck my hand, only a short distance, into the hole before realizing my suit was stuck to the coral! Terrified, I hit Jim in the chest. He did not realize what was happening because he was engrossed in the fish. I pulled and pulled! Some how my weight belt fell off my waist. This is a good thing, if my knife had not been attached to it!

After pulling for what seemed to be eternity, my suit tore free. I swam to the surface in a bit of a panic. Surprising, not out of breath. I'm sure it all happened so fast that I was only down for 60 seconds. That's about my time without struggling for breath.

Jim had to use my pole spear to place another shot in this bad boys head. He was eventually able to pull him out head first.

We are having this monster mounted as a reminder "WHAT NOT TO DO!"

Not to take anything away from Jim's trophy, which may be a world record if our scale is correct!

We will be in Andros for a couple days. We are experiencing electrical issues with our starboard engine. We are not getting a charge of any sort.


Love Celia

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