Winter 2018 travel blog

Here we are

The silos eating area in front

closer view

The Market

The bakery

The cattle bridge

A look at the bridge from the side

Stautes at the bridge area

A portion of the River Walk

Sunrise at Waco

Sun rise from our trailer

Another sunrise at Waco

The weather finally cooperated this year so we could plan on going to Waco, TX, which is a city I have been wanting to visit. Following US 77, then I-35 we arrived at I-35 RV Park for three nights. The next day took us into Waco to HGTV's Chip & Joanna Gaines Silos. This couple of Fixer Upper fame have done a beautiful job of revitalizing a block in downtown Waco with their Silos Bakery, Magnolia Market, Feed & Supply store, food carts and a large play area for families to play and picnic. The bakery is a refurbished old structure/office at the Silos and offers, cinnamon rolls, cookies and cupcakes that are all exceptionally good. The Magnolia Market is two floors of a shopper's dream. Fun to browse. The Feed and Supply store provides seeds and supplies for your garden needs and has beautiful flower and herb gardens to welcome you. Quite the place to visit and a dream come true for me.

About a mile from here is Clint & Kelly Harp's Design studio/shop. A cute shop that will likely be featured on their up and coming Wood Work show on HGTV.

Waco is home to Baylor University and besides the beautiful campus, their sports facilities for both men and women were quite impressive. Texas does take their sports seriously.

This is also home to the creation and bottling of Dr. Pepper in the late 1890's. The original building still stands and is now a museum as Dr. Pepper is no longer bottled here. This is just in the next block from Magnolia.

The Brazos River boasts a very nice and long "river walk". This area of University Park along the river is the sight where cowboys use to drive cattle across this river. Cattle drives and cotton were what gave Waco it's beginnings.

Our last day in Waco led us to discover a new National Monument at near Waco Lake called Mammoth National Monument. Here they have found 24 fossils of the Columbia mammoth, a smaller version of the wooly mammoth, but still about 14 feet tall. The city of Waco use to have this site and ran out of funds to continue excavation so digging stopped in 2001. Now the National Parks have taken it over and they hope to start digging again in a couple of years as every soil core sample they took shows fossils of some type in them. Fascinating place. When they start digging again you can volunteer to dig here.

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