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Saturday, June 10, we drove to Little Rock, Arkansas, about a two-hour drive. Arrived at the Trails End RV Park, mid-afternoon. The last two days and today are getting hot and humid. At least this campground had some good shade to park under.

Sunday, June 11, went to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. On Sundays it opens at 1:00 pm and closes at 5:00 pm. We were there shortly after it opened and we stayed until they were asking people to leave. There are a lot of things to look at. Here are just a few items: 12-minute film on his life and political career, replica of the Cabinet Room with interactive screen about decisions and how they were made, a timeline of events during Clinton administration, multimedia exhibits that explore significant policy areas such as health, education, finance, ecology, gun controls, civil rights, impeachment, etc., a replica of the Oval Office, and a display of the life in the White House. I found interesting that there were 3-ring binders that you could pull out and look at any days schedule, during the 8-year term he was in office. Also, there were 18 columns that held up the balcony of the building. These columns were bookcases that held 100s of boxes of documents, not open to general public, but that was only 3 percent of the 80 million pages of documents in the Library. With a special request these documents could be looked at. There was only a brief mention of the Monica Lewinsky(sp) escapade and a video clip of Clinton's apology for what he had done. It was all very interesting and we could have spent more time there but we were getting tired and it was time to close the museum. My political comments will slip in here. What a loser Bush is. I wonder what his library will look like - all about the war?

Off to Eureka Springs, Arkansas tomorrow.

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