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Daddy and Jonathan working together.

Looks like Jonathan is dancing the "Happy Dance".

The parking lot of Camping World was our home for two days....

Arriving at Lazy Lakes of Niagara Falls Campground

Tom and Jonathan are checkinig us in.

Nope! You're too young to drive. Wait another 8 years.

We had gone for a bike ride. Jonathan and Tom are posing...

Did I say playground? Actually, it's a spaceship! :-)

Exiting the command modual.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007.

Niagara's Lazy Lakes Campground, Lockport, NY

This Camping World Shines!

Camping World finished things up around 1:30. They were GREAT to work with compared to our last two experiences at other stores. We would HIGHLY recommend the Camping World in Hamburg, NY. We got on the road and drove for about an hour and a half north through Buffalo and on up to the Niagara Falls area. We are in a campground called Niagara's Lazy Lakes. I've already met our neighbors and they are very friendly. Unfortunately, they will be leaving first thing in the morning. They had all kinds of good information and tips for us though.

The evening was spent taking a family bike ride around the campground and Tom and Jonathan playing on the playground. We came back to the RV about the time the mosquitoes started biting and wound down for the evening.

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