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Sunday, September 9, 2007.

Moody Beach Campground, Wells, ME

Driving to Maine

Tom got up early this morning and got ready. Jonathan and I had bunked in the back bedroom so we could sleep later but boy when you hear that diesel engine start underneath you, you wake up whether you want to our not! Jonathan jumped right up out of bed and started asking if there was anything we needed to move or put away before the RV started moving. I wasn't quite that fast but by the time Tom was at the dump station and pulling away again, we were both dressed and ready to drive. I traded Jonathan the front seat for the couch and got a two hour nap in though.

We drove east across New York and then the GPS took us across Massachusetts, up through the southeast corner of New Hampshire and then up into Maine. We went through the highest pass on I-90 in the eastern United States. We crossed over the Erie Canal Project, over the Appalachian Trail and the Johnny Appleseed Trail. We drove through our first Rotary and passed our first Lobster Pounds. Mmmmmm, can't wait to stop back by one of those! Tom has to be out of town on business this week (Boulder, CO) and was teasing me about whether or not I'd wait for him to have lobster. Sorry honey, but I don't know if I can wait that long.

Jonathan is in bed sound asleep and everything is hooked up. We will be here for two weeks and we are looking forward to the pace slowing down a bit, at least for Jonathan and I. After these two weeks, we will continue to head northeast before the weather gets too cold.

Tomorrow, Jonathan and I will take Tom to the Portland airport and perhaps enjoy a little bit of what that city has to offer. The coast is four miles from our campground so I'm sure we will spend some time there is week as well.

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