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dancing Indian

car repair shop!

typical store

street fair?

wicker furniture anyone?

family outing today

caravan going down the road

campground in Los Mochis - the only one in town!

It took 8 hours to go 220 miles today. Traffic was busy with school and work in Guaymas; there were three toll plazas to go through; and then there was major construction at the halfway point in Novojoa. They were rebuilding Route 15 that goes through town so we were diverted onto a parallel street that was busy and narrow. 3 years ago, Hurricane Hebert washed out a section of route 15 south of Novojoa and it still hasn’t been rebuilt, so the 4 lane divided highway became a 2 lane road for a few miles. We couldn’t see the Gulf of California so the rain must have been very heavy. Along the way, we saw horses and cattle alongside the road as well as in the median! I guess they don’t harvest grass seed here, but let the livestock feed. I don’t know if they have controlled burns or if fires started because of tossed cigarette butts, but there were plenty of areas along the highway that had been burnt out.

Once we got set up at the campground, we packed and had a potluck dinner so we could eat up what won’t keep for 6 days. We will be getting the bus to go to the train at 5:15 AM! I’m excited about this part of the trip and glad we will get to the copper canyon on my birthday!

Most of the pictures here are from those who had passengers who could take pictures out the window.

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