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McQueen mural inside the Palace Bar on Whiskey Row

Prescott courthouse

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Garry at Palace Bar Prescott, AZ

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Prescott Bandstand

Saturday July 5th- My daughter Jennifer's birthday. I called early in the morning to catch her in bed but she had been out to get her Sunday paper and was enjoying a cool California morning before setting out on a fun day with friends. Happy Birthday Jen.

After a relaxing walk to get the paper with PeeWee I put the awning out and got my coffee to sit out in the cool morning and read the paper. The weather started to cloud up the western sky with huge thunder boomers about 10 am. We needed a few groceries and Judy wanted to find a new bathing suit. She had seen one at a store in the valley and we found the same store here in Prescott Valley. Just as we pulled into the parking lot the sky opened and a flood fell out of the clouds right on top of our truck.

I pulled up as close to the entrance as I could and let Judy jump out and make a mad dash for the front of the store. I decided to find a parking place and let the rain slow down before I went in to the store. After 15 minutes of the hardest rain I have ever experienced the phone rang and Judy had a good idea for me to use the car window shade as an umbrella since I couldn't find mine in the truck. This was a really good idea and I made it into the store with a dry head. Everything else was soaking wet but my head was dry.

Judy found two bathing suits and we finally were on to the next stop for groceries. We restocked on fruit and essentials and as Judy was checking out I found the RedBox video rental and checked out Vantage Point for $1 per day. We rated it 1 1/2 popcorn boxes out of a possible 5.

Sunday July 6th-Today we decided to go into Prescott for the Frontier Days Art and Crafts Faire in the downtown Courthouse Square. The old courthouse was once the location of the State Capital of Arizona. It began to sprinkle as we got out of the truck and began our walk around the hundreds of booths. We decided to run in to The Palace Bar on Whiskey Row and grab a bite to eat for late lunch. While waiting for our lunch order to arrive I noticed a mural on the wall painted in 1990. It portrayed a poster for the movie Junior Bonner starring Steve McQueen and co-star Robert Preston. Much of the movie was filmed in the Palace Bar.

As we exited the bar the rain started to increase. We were one and a half blocks from where the truck was parked. I opened the umbrella and we started across the park. As the rain picked up we came upon a kettle korn booth and just couldn't pass up buying a bag, rain or no rain. Popcorn in hand under the protection of the umbrella we started for the truck again. In the center of the park we heard a band playing at the bandstand. I took a 5 second movie. Hope it opens for you.

Rain was now so heavy that the drops were hitting the ground and splashing mud on us as high as our knees. When we finally reached the truck we had to jump a small river in the gutter to get into the truck. I didn't know it rained this much up here. The rain cooled the air down to 67 degrees at 4 pm. When we got home to the trailer it felt good to get dry clothes on and watch the rain continue for another 30 minutes or so.

I called my daughter Cathy to find out how grandson Michael's baseball allstar team did in their first state tournament game on the 5th. Paul gave me the score- Tracy National 4 to Visalia 23. Not good but the team has a game today at 7 pm and another one on Monday. They need to do really well in both of those games to move on to the single game elimination tournament. The winner of the tournament will go to the National Tournament in San Luis Obispo, CA. Grant's team of 12 and under allstars has done really well in the district tournament in Tracy and will play in the State tournament in Fresno next week. Cathy and Paul may have two boys in two different cities in two different tournaments. I guess this is why you have kids when you are young? LOL

Monday we will try to locate a lab for Judy to get a blood test done before her DR appointment back in Sun City West on Thursday the 17th. We will be back in Sun City West July 17th and return back here on the afternoon of the 21 st.

Time to hang it up for the night.

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