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My sleep didn´t quite last as long as I thought it would... must be needing less sleep with old age!! Woke up to a nice sunshine beaming though my window, making the yellow walls looking even prettier. Also losing the ability to laze around in bed, perhaps due to the urge to explore the town.

Had my first cup of Central American coffee in Dunking Donut (part of my hostel), which I managed to understand perfectly in Spanish when offered black or white coffee. It was actually pretty good, though not as fancy as my coffee appreciation training has been. Relived the American lifestyle during summer camp by having an egg and cheese English muffin for breakfast, but understood by the pictures of the sad looking Kerry and jubliant Bush who will have the pleasure of cleaning up the mess he has started.


Gave myself the task of buying a digital camera, checking out my booked Spanish school, and organising my next few days´ activities before starting school. 4 hours later, am pleased to say haven´t done any of that, though have met some German guys who allowed me to tag along with them for the next two days, when they go and visit the highlands. As good Europeans, they know English and Spanish, so I´ll feel more confident that we´re on the right bus etc, though I´ll probably miss most of the landscapes cos too busily talking. That should take my mind off not having a digital camera, which my little mission has revealed to cost twice the amount as at home!! Ahh!!! So for the time being, won´t be able to share any of these sights with you... :(

Ok, I´d better sign off here so can check out my Spanish school... Adios!

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