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Monday, June 19, we drove to Sherman, Texas. We just drove through one corner of Oklahoma. We went west on I-40 and then south on State 69 highway. Most of those roads were rough and beat up pretty bad. Some of the roughest road we have had so far. We spent the night at Lazy L RV Park.

Tuesday, June 20, we drove the by-pass around Dallas today. The traffic was not as bad as I thought it could have been. There was one section of road that had three layers of roads with very high bridges crossing the other roads. All the pillars had the Texas star on each of them. We arrived at the I-35 RV Park, which was just north of Waco, Texas. This RV Park was very large and had close to 300 parking spots but there were only a few used. Carol and I think this park was built to cater to the snowbirds that travel south for the winter.

Wednesday, June 21, we drove to San Antonio. All the way from Waco there was a frontage road parallel to the highway. All the entrance and exit ramps were short angled roads from the frontage road. The short roads did not allow the cars enough distance to get up much speed, so they would enter the interstate at a slow speed. You had to really watch the traffic and there was lots of traffic. From the north of Austin to San Antonio there was 3 lanes each direction and businesses all along that stretch of the highway. It made you feel like you were driving in city traffic for 100 miles and then you had to watch the cars entering the highway. Glad to arrive at our destination, Traveler's World RV Park. San Antonio is hosting the national square dancing convention this weekend, so the RV park is FULL.

**** More later. Check back later for more details on San Antonio****

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