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Friday, September 21, 2007.

Robbinston, ME

Confusing Day

Friday was a day spent wondering what to do most of the day. When we arrived in Robbinston Thursday night, Tom confirmed we were on the Canadian towers for the air card. The service seemed OK, so we thought things would be alright. But, Friday morning Tom experienced all kinds of problems with the connection. He was very concerned about going further north into Canada if he couldn't get a reliable connection here. By mid-day, we'd decided to skip Canada and had let the folks at the Hilltop Campground know we'd be cutting our stay short leaving Saturday in the morning. We also called the folks at Ponderosa Pines in New Brunswick and let them know why we weren't coming. But, Tom is stubborn.

Tom continued trying to troubleshoot the connectivity issues and discovered the cell tower DNS servers were flaky. So, he put in a couple free DNS server entries in lieu of the cell companies default servers. After that, all the connection problems were resolved. Of course, it was 11:30 PM when it got figured out.

A quick conversation and we'd returned to the original plan. We were going to Canada, after all!

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