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Downtown Calais. (Pronounced like callous.)

Jonathan draws while we get things ready to go through Customs. Deb...

Waiting in line to go through Customs. You can see an "I...

Canadian highway. Cloudy, dreary day.

Pretty terrain. Lots of birch trees.

Jonathan gets to ride in the front seat. Brownie's saying "Hi".

Blue sky. Somewhat rocky terrain. Mountains in the back.

MAXIMUM 110. It was strange seeing these signs at first because we're...

The King of Terabithia. Jonathan loved the characters Jesse and Leslie in...

Saturday, September 22, 2007.

Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, Canada

On to New Brunswick!

We found out after 11:00 last night that the problem with getting connected was the DNS server so Tom was able to connect to a different server and we were back in business. We had already told the campground manager that we were going to be pulling out today so we decided to go ahead and drive to New Brunswick on Saturday in case we ran into unforeseen problems once we got up there in terms of Tom getting connected for work. That would still give us Sunday to drive back if we needed to.

Deb was walking up to the campground office and ran into another couple with an Allegro Bus. We got to talking and she invited Deb to take a look at the little desk they had set up by the passenger seat in front. An idea for Tom's work space maybe? After visiting for a while, we finished breaking down camp and got on the road. We found a full serve station and filled up on fuel. Deb ran to the grocery store and got milk and a couple other items since all of these things are expensive in Canada. There happened to be a McDonald's across the road, so she picked up lunch, we ate in the RV and then hit the road.

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