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Thursday, July 6, we drove to Liberty by way of Salina, Kansas. Carol wanted to stop by

to see her sister, Nedra. We were only there about 20 minutes. We arrived in the KC area about 3:00 pm. I decided to stop by and get the oil changed in the RV at Midway Ford. We unhooked the Jeep and Carol drove on to Michelle's house. At Midway Ford, it took several hours to wait my turn and then 3 hours to change oil, filter, air filter, gas filter and lube the chassis. The mechanic would work some and then be gone from view some, so it was very slow. I need to find some place else to go for oil changes. I left there at 7:45 pm and then a stop to get fuel.

The week while at Michelle's we did the following things: Shopping, laundry, doctor visits (where Carol found out she will need another surgery on her elbow, the pins are backing out, that will be done in November when we return) washed the RV, did some minor adjustments to the RV, picked up Brooke 3 afternoons because Michelle was in Atlanta for some curriculum meetings. Carol visited Mary Anna, I worked the train Saturday and Sunday and went to the train meeting Wednesday evening. Thursday evening went to Devin's soccer practice and Michelle returned from Atlanta. Friday, July 14, we left for Forest City, Iowa to the Winnebago Grand National Rally.

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