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We arrive in Trenton, Maine and go to dinner at a lobster...

We were so focused on the food, we forgot to include the...

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The sign out front of the Down East Lobster Pound.

Jonathan walkin' the plank.

Sunday, September 30, 2007.

Trenton, Maine

It's Good to Be Back in the U.S.A.

We left New Brunswick this morning around 8:30. We drove through Bay of Fundy National Park and then on towards the border. There is a gas station in the northeast called IRVING. Every time we pass one, Tom or Jonathan say "See, I RVing". It didn't take very long to get through Customs so that was a nice surprise. It was funny how things just looked different back in the States. Welcoming, homey, warmer...hard to explain but it felt nice to be home. Gas prices were a lot better, that was one thing. Gas in Canada was $1.01 per liter which is comparable to $3.89 per gallon. Everything was expensive. We didn't even do so much as buy a gallon of milk while we were there.

We drove southwest to the Bar Harbor area and plan to spend this week seeing Acadia National Park. We parked the RV in a Walmart parking lot and did a little scouting around in the Yukon. Once we found our campground, we decided to find a place for dinner. Breakfast and lunch were sparse so we were all hungry. We asked the people at the campground desk about a lobster pound we had passed. He told us about two others that he thought were better. The one we chose was great. Tom and I got a lobster dinner. I missed the fact that it came with steamed clams. I managed to get one down just because I figured we can't expect Jonathan to try new things if we don't. Well, I tried it. Enough said? The rest of the dinner was good but MESSY! Things were squirting, dripping, you name it. Good thing we were outside at a picnic table with plenty of paper towels handy. I guess I need more practice. ;-)

Our campsite is on the mainland in an area called The Narrows. We are across the road from the sites that are literally on the beach. We backed into the campsite so we can see the water and mountains out the front window. Tom will really enjoy that while he works this week. Jonathan and I will get to actually go to the park!

We have been unwinding this evening watching 101 Dalmatians and now Shrek on Disney. The weather is supposed to be nice the next couple days. We'll have to put a plan together and figure out where we want to go first.

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