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Sunday, October 7, 2007.

Outdoor Adventure Campground, Bethal, Maine.

Drive West to Bethel Maine

We got up and started getting ready to hit the road. We had to be out of the campground by 11:00 today. Tom worked on things outside while I worked on getting things inside ready . It was 10:45 and Jonathan wanted to go down to the ocean and skip rocks one more time. We did that until we could all end on a "good skip" then stopped at the office to get mail and got on the road. I received a coupon at the grocery store the other day for 20% off gas at "I RVing" gas station, so we used that on the way out of Ellsworth. There was a train track that ran on the top of the hill behind the gas station. Jonathan and I climbed that and checked the tracks out after paying for the gas. He was pretty excited.

Our drive today was beautiful. We took Route 2 across mid Maine from Acadia to Bangor and then over from there. The leaves had turned more during this week and even more as we got away from the coast. Things were gorgeous. We went through mountains and small quaint looking towns. We arrived in our campground called Outdoor Adventure Campground around 4:00 this afternoon. Our site is close to the office building. We can see the sandbox with all the Tonka trucks in it from the front window. :-) They have canoes and kayaks you can use. The big thing though is that our campsite has a yard!

I went up to the office to talk to the woman about what all there was for Jonathan and I to do in the area during the week. She had all kinds of ideas. When I came out, Jonathan and Tom were passing the football back and forth. Jonathan's got a pretty mean spiral too! Can't say I've ever seen an eight year old throw quite that well. Future quarterback material?

We walked down the road for dinner. We had skipped lunch and were all hungry. The owner had recommended this quaint little place and it was great. The name of it was Jolly Drayman at the Briar Lea Inn. It was English and had an English menu. Of course, Jonathan got macaroni and cheese but it was "English" macaroni and cheese!

We're back home now. Jonathan is in his pajamas and Tom is probably about ready to conk out. He told me over dinner that he had only gotten three hours of sleep last night. He had to dial in at 12:00 but it turned out to be a longer night than anticipated. Jonathan and I are going on a Maine Mineralogy Expedition tomorrow. It leaves at 11:30 so we'll do some reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic in the morning then head out.

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