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4/18/08 – Hutchinson, KS

We made it to Hutchinson, and weaved our way around road construction and through a trailer park to an RV park. Then went to the Cosmosphere about 2 p.m. We were there for 4 hours, and didn’t see/watch everything they had. Very large place, but almost TOO much to absorb. We went to the Lewis and Clark Expedition movie at their IMAX – very good show. They had a couple sections of the Berlin Wall, which was very thought provoking. Also had a film made from actual footage from preparing for a launch, going into the capsule, liftoff, and that’s as far as I watched (it was going to be another hour of footage and we were pretty wiped by then). I think it would’ve been grate to see the whole thing, but it was towards the end of the museum and we’d already seen a couple other films. They had displays and interactive things for all ages to do. I would highly recommend this place as a tourist stop.

They also have a Salt Mine Museum at Hutchinson, where you go down into the mine and explore, but we’re not “underground” people. There are also other things for kids – zoo, parks, etc.

We're headed to Kansas City next, and then home. Still haven't had rain, but it sounds like we may get a little when we get closer to Iowa - have to decide between driving in wind or in rain! Trying to get home for my great grandson Kasey's birthday on the 21st.

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