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Hot Springs at Seltun

Amanda smiling despite the hideous sulfur smell

Tiny church in Krisuvik

Wind dried fish on the side of the road

Sheep at the roadside

The ruins at Selatangar

More ruins

Even more ruins

The Blue Lagoon

Enjoying a warm dip in the Blue Lagoon

What a great thing to do before getting on your flight home!

Overlooking the Blue Lagoon

I hate to say goodbye!

We were up early to cram in a few last sites before departing for the U.S on a late afternoon flight. We drove south through desolate areas where the pavement ends and bumped along on a dirt road. We stopped at the hot springs at Seltun where groundwater bolied and steam covered the landscape. We didn't linger too long since the sulfur fumes where just a little too much to handle. We then headed towards Selatangar, which had been a fishing village until it was abadoned in the 1800's. Many of the stone structures still stand here at the water's edge. With this area being so remote and without other people around, you almost got the sense that you were the first person to discover this treasure. We poked around many of the buildings, some of which remained fairly intact. At last, we headed to our final destination before the airport...the Blue Lagoon. The lagoon is a huge swimming area that is supplied by the warm geothermal springs. While the outside air is cold (you have to run quickly from the locker room in you bathing suit) the water is incredibly warm and relaxing. We spent a few hours here before forcing ourselves to shower and head to the airport to catch our flight back to Baltimore. What a perfect way to end a wonderful adventure!

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