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Moon Over Aruba in the Morning

A Home in Aruba

Casabiri Rock

View from Casibari Rock

Bushiribana Gold Mill

Collapsed Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

Surf at Natural Bridge

Thatched home on Aruba

Alto Vista Chapel

Inside Alto Vista Chapel

Cactus at Alto Vista Chapel

Boutique Hotel

California Lighthouse

View from California Lighthouse

Riu Hotel

Leaving Aruba

Another early morning with room service breakfast. Christine was early enough to get some shots of the moon while it was still dark over Aruba. We got ready and went to meet the tour guides. After some chaos we managed to find the right bus and things improved vastly. The guide was very good, easily understood and informative.

We drove past eh airport and into the centre of the island where there is an odd rock formation called Casibari. We were encouraged to climb it for the view. This proved more taxing than expected and I doubt if Christine would have attempted it if she had realized what it was like, but once committed to the narrow, staircase there was no going back. It led through a narrow cleft in the rock as we ascended to a dome shaped platform at the top. From there you could see just about the whole island.

We went from there to Bushiribana Gold Mill. This was built many years ago by the British and Dutch to process gold which was found in 1825 and eventually produced more than 3 million pounds of gold! Who knew?!

We went on to the site of what was once a large natural bridge, but it collapsed fifteen years ago, however, there is a much smaller one still standing very close to it. We spent some time watching the waves pounding the rocks, no doubt in an attempt to form yet another natural bridge.

Our next stop was a small Catholic chapel which had been established by a Spanish priest to provide literacy to the inhabitants. The chapel itself is unremarkable except for its setting in the middle of nowhere, chosen to provide a site with no distractions from the lessons being taught.

Our final stop was at the north end of island where there stands a tall lighthouse with the unlikely name of "California". It was built as a warning to ships after a ship of this name was wrecked on the shore near here, the captain, on his way to South America not seeing the island in the dark. The views were again impressive.

We returned to the ship passing many of the luxury hotels on the way.

We went onto the ship and had lunch and Christine sat for a while on the veranda till that became too hot and she came inside to continue doing puzzles. I set off in search of a faster Internet connection which I found at a Pizza Hut not too far away. There I checked the emails and updated the last three days' journal.

I returned to the ship and sorted out some of our photos before we went to dinner. Rather than have desert in the dining room, we went to a cafe where I had seen a Dutch Apple Pie which I fancied trying. I had that and Christine had a cookie and we had our coffees there. After a walk round the ship we retired to our room to finish sorting out the photos and updating the journal.

The next two days are sea days and then Fort Lauderdale and home. It is sad to think this journey is coming to an end. It has been very good, but I will sum up our feelings in the next couple of days.

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