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Rosie, Matt and Jonathan built a TALL Lego tower up in Matt's...

Rosie, Matt and Jonathan. A fun day.


Rosie, Darren and Matt.

Kelley, Rosie, Darren and Matt.

The whole clan!

Deb and Kelley.

Thursday, October 25, 2007.

Skyline Ranch Resort, Front Royal, VA

Visit with Shins

We drove the Yukon last night and it's still making the noise it was before we took it into the shop, maybe even worse. I was really disappointed because it meant Jonathan and I might not make it over to see Kelley and the kids. I didn't want to drive the Yukon if it wasn't safe though.

They were nice enough to put it up on the rack to take a look at it before I made my decision. Once they got it up there, it was only going to take 45 minutes or so to fix the problem so it all worked out okay. I called Tom so he would know what was going on and then called Kelley and gave her the update. When the repairs were finished, I went back to the campground and picked Jonathan up. We headed out for Burke, Virginia.

It was a pretty easy drive so that was good. We found their house okay. While we were driving, I explained to Jonathan who Kelley was and how I knew her. I told him how some of our other friends knew her and about how she had performed our wedding. She had even spent a couple Christmas Days with my parents and our family when she had done the candlelight service the night before and couldn't get back to Oklahoma for Christmas with her family.

When Jonathan met Kelley, he was a little shy at first but she put him at ease right away. We ended up going out to Noodles Restaurant for lunch. We talked and talked. Jonathan was so patient. We went back to their house. We met Darren, Kent and Kelley's oldest son, then visited until it was time to go pick Matt and Rosie up from school.

It was raining. We drove over then walked in and waited in the foyer for a little while. Jonathan was taking it all in. Matt and Rosie hadn't come to meet us yet so one of Kelley's friends went to look for all the kids. We walked down the hall in that direction and got a peek at parts of the school. It reminded me of the school I attended in first grade. Once we gathered everyone and loaded the kids back up in the van, we headed back to the house. The kids played with the Wii video games, built with Lego blocks, played guitar and piano, just about everything. Kelley and I just talked and talked.

It got to be dinner time. Kent wasn't going to be able to be home until later so we went to Red Robin to eat. When we went back to pick up the Yukon at the house, Kent was home so we got to say hello to him. After that, we hit the road. It was so nice to visit. We hadn't seen each other since their wedding 13 years ago. We had talked a few times and had sent and received cards here and there. It was as if we hadn't missed a beat though. I really needed that "girlfriend time" and Jonathan enjoyed playing with Matt and Rosie. It was just a great day all the way around.

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