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Rocking Chairs During The Wait For Our Alaska Airlines Flight From Seattle...



When we were younger and more thrifty, we would fly all the way home from India or South East Asia without taking a break to catch our breath. Now we’re older and wiser, but not exactly spendthrifts, so we’ve begun to limit how many hours we fly, or flights we take, without a rest in between.

For that reason, we stayed overnight in Seattle following our flights from Munich to Reykjavik and Reykjavik to Seattle. We stayed at an airport hotel in order to catch a morning flight to Calgary, but it did mean that our daughter-in-law was able to pick us up at the airport at noon, rather than near to midnight, the night before.

I guess you could say we broke our journey home as a treat to us, and to Raj and Vy as well. It would have been nice to spend a couple of nights in Seattle, but after four months in Europe, we were ready to come ‘home’ for the Christmas season.


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