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The deal this year was that if Jonathan wanted to carve a...

Smiley Boy!


Pulling the insides out.

Scraping the insides out with a spoon.

He's getting there.

Deb helps scrape but Jonathan still has to clean the "guts" out.


Still working on it.

Jonathan makes his pumpkin throw up. All boy!

Carved and the candle is lit.


Jonathan and his Halloween pumpkin.

Placing the pumpkin out on the picnic table.

Jonathan gives the pumpkin a big kiss.

Sunday, October 28, 2007.

Outdoor World Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

On to Williamsburg and Pumpkin Carving

I was the first to wake at 8:30. Jonathan woke up around 9:00 and since Tom had to work last night, he woke up a little later than that. After breakfast, we started breaking down camp getting ready to get on the road. Our drive today was only three hours so compared to some driving days, this one was an easy one.

We arrived in Williamsburg around 3:15. We checked in at the office and picked out our site. Once camp was set up again, I walked over to the office to let them know which site we had chosen. I didn't have to walk very far. We're in the second site out the front door. We usually pick something a little further away from the action but the park seemed rather empty now that the weather is getting cooler so we're trying something different this time.

We are planning on staying here for two weeks at this point. There's a lot to see! Tom is checking in with work right now. If he finishes before dark, we may take a ride around to check out the area and pick up a gallon of milk. Wonder what the price will be in this area. You can kind of tell the cost of living in the area based on the price of a gallon of milk. Virginia has had the most reasonable prices so far.

Well, we didn't make it out to drive around but instead did a "night hike" around the campground after carving our pumpkin. We walked over to the office building and checked the outdoor facilities out. They have a playground, a miniature golf course, tennis courts and other things. They have an indoor pool here which is the first one we've seen so that will be nice as long as we actually get around to using it.

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