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Boat to Utila - rainbow in the water

Utila Island

Art work on sale

Pretty impressive stuff!

Tree offering some shaded comfort from strong sun

Great rroad engineering here!

This is more like how I imagined a Carribean beach!

Man with illegal (in Honduras too?) scarlet macaw parading down the street

Anna enjoying the sunset...

...from the "beach" of our dive school...

Leper legs - after attacks from sand flies

...won't let them get in the way of nice sunset though!


Last day - to Water Cay

...and island free from mosquitos and sand flies!

Only shallow lapping waves

My favourite bar - the Treetanic!

Anna relaxing in one of many thoughtfully sculptured seats

Handrail of a foot bridge

Stone table surface


Sculptured archway


Jo, Anna, and I

Coco Loco bar - overhanging the sea!

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