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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thousand Trails Campground, Gloucester, VA

New Campground Acclimation Day

Today was our "Acclimation Day." We just spent time recouping from the weekend and getting a few things done around the RV. Tom was back to work. Jonathan and I focused on some of his written stuff this morning then took a break after lunch.

We walked around the campground for a while checking out the docks, the activity center and the playground of course. The campground sits on a river but from the RV, it almost looks more like a lake. The trees are at their peak color so they are just beautiful. There was a quilting class going on in the activity center. Maybe someday I'll get around to learning how to do that.

When we went back to the RV, we sat and read together for a while. Jonathan is a great reader! He's getting good at putting emotion into his voice as he reads and it's fun to listen to him.

I cleaned a little bit minus the vaccuming while Tom cooked spaghetti for dinner. It's time to start decluttering and deciding what can go back to Ottawa come December. We definitely brought some things that we don't need. I want to take those back so we have more space.

Tom and Jonathan played computer games after dinner while I called Sheila about travel plans in December then watched TV while they had their "guy time" as Jonathan calls it.

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