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RV Park at Kellogg IA

Took another trip into town for more antifreeze, but we finally got our pipes drained and winterized, loaded up the rest of our stuff, and left home at 11 a.m. Got to the Flying J in Davenport around 12:15 and loaded up with gas and LP. It was WONDERFUL that we only had to pay $112 for the gas, but it cost $56.80 for the LP (only 17 gallons!). As we traveled west on I-80 it started to drizzle, rain and then the windshield started to fog up really bad. Had to pull off at X173 at Kellogg (40 mi east of Des Moines and 80 miles or so from my desired destination – Terrible’s Casino) at a cute little RV park and “Iowa’s Best Burgers” Café. It really started to get windy after we parked, but then cleared up somewhat later (but was still very windy all night and into the next day). They were having a special at the café (1/2 pounders for the price of ¼ pounders), so what choice did we have. We each got the basket and Bob got a delicious chocolate malt, all for under $12. Had to stay at Kellogg another night because of the wind, and hopefully will be a little lighter on Sunday (but then we will be headed into a southwest wind while trying to head south. We have more trouble with wind than we do with snow !! Although we have had flurries since we left, and there was snow on our stoop this morning. We went over to the café on Saturday for coffee and donuts, but weren’t able to access the Internet. Just read and watched TV the rest of the day.

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