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We were up early today and had breakfast in the Neptune Lounge. We returned to our room to await the disembarkation call. This soon came and we went downstairs and straight off the ship - quite a contrast to the chaos of the end of the last cruise. We picked up our luggage and cleared US immigration - at least he looked at our passports and compered our faces with the picture, unlike the previous time.

We went outside and were directed to the shuttle which was waiting. We were the only passengers and were soon - too soon - at the airport where the West Jet desk was not yet open and we found some concrete benches to sit on for the several hours that we had to wait. We were entertained by a Spanish speaking lady who had been waiting since six AM as her flight had been cancelled. She talked non-stop - in Spanish, of course - to innumerable contacts who must have been dumb or dumbstruck as they could never have said more than a few words as our acquaintance rattled away incessantly for a good two hours.

Eventually the West Jet agents appeared and we waited until the line was moving before joining it. We had endeavoured to print our luggage tags at a bank of machines, but had no success. It did no more than we had already done in getting our boarding passes while on board the ship. Not sure what good they really were - a complaint echoed by a fellow passenger.

We were through the line and our luggage on its way then we went through the security check. Both our hand luggage's were tagged for further inspection. In my case it seemed to be my Kindle that was the problem. In Christine's she thinks it was the cia seeds and nuts that we had left over.

We picked up some snacks and ate them while we waited to be called. We boarded the plane and had an uneventful flight to Toronto. There we felt like lab rats as we followed endless corridors following transferring passenger signs past luggage carousels, through doors, input our passport and declarations in machines, though a maze of beribboned paths to an officer who glanced at our machine receipt and sent us on our way to another lengthy walk to meet a crowd who appeared to have just been allowed through a gate where another officer glanced at our receipt to yet another officer who took the receipt from us. There we wended our way to another security check. It seems an incredible waste of space and manpower. As we had gone through security in Florida, why could we not go directly to the departure area within the secure area of the Toronto Airport?

Eventually we were in the departure lounge and Christine went off to get something to eat. Fortunately she picked up enough for us both as she was no sooner back than our flight was called and we boarded the aircraft. We had another uneventful flight and landed ahead of time in Edmonton where Fiona and Irellan were waiting for us. After a wait while we caught up on each others' news, or luggage appeared and we stepped outside to the bitter chill of Edmonton winter air. Quite a contrast from what we had left this morning.

So we are home and had a wonderful time. If we complain about the cold, at least we have escaped a month of severe weather. Some people with whom we shared the contrast on the trip obviously could not imagine the -35oC we had left, and while it was not as cold as that tonight, it was anything but warm!

And so till next time! We hope you have enjoyed the trip and look forward to joining us when we hope to visit Eastern Europe and Scotland in April/May 2020.

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