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Conch Shells at Trolley Stop


Tourist Train from Trolley

Entrance to Mallory Square

Sponge Store at Mallory Square

Monument to Ship Wreckers

Busts of Early Settlers

Settlers names inscribed on Bricks on Walkways

Coast Guard Station converted to a Shopping Mall

Interesting juxtaposition of signs, though they do not know how to spell...

Christine thought she had caught me in a compromising position in this...

Key West Museum

Mural on a building

Little White House

Mosaic Near Mallory Square

Where we had lunch

Pelicans on roof of restaurant where we had lunch

A building on Duval Street in Daylight

We woke this morning and got ready then had breakfast. There was a bit more room to manoeuvre today, but Christine was disappointed that there were no boiled eggs.

We collected our things and went round the corner to wait on the Hop on Hop off Trolley. We got out tickets and found some shade to wait in. It was not too long in coming, but there was a false alarm as a Trolley appeared in the distance and we waited in anticipation only to be disappointed as it drove past with a sign on window, "Private Charter". Ours was not far behind and we boarded an almost empty vehicle which took us up further than we had walked last night and we alighted at Mallory Square where we had a walk round the stalls and a memorial garden celebrating the early settlers and the "Ship Wreckers" who salvaged ships wrecked by storms, perhaps aided by illicit activities on the shore. The resulting wealth is what built the Keys. We ended up in a mall built in the former Coast Guard building where we had a cup of coffee.

From there we walked back to the trolley stop and got on another, busier trolley which went right round the island highlighting a number of places, the Little Whit House which we hope to return to tomorrow, the oldest house, a couple of Civil War forts and several other points of interest.

We continued on past the stop where we had go on this morning and arrived again at Mallory Square from where we walked to a fish restaurant we had seen from the trolley. We got a table and, ironically, decided on chicken, after being intent in finding a fish place. It was a good meal and we walked round part of the harbour afterwards and headed back towards Duval Street. ON the way we found Kermits, another place we had spotted from the bus and had been advised that it sold Key Lime Pie, chocolate covered and on a stick. We shared one while sitting in another square overlooking the harbour.

We continued on to Duval and walked down it. Christine had seen a dress in a store window from the bus and wanted to examine it further. We walked down the road keeping our eyes out for a store with a blue dress in the window. Eventually we found what she thinks was the one, but unfortunately they did not have one that fitted her. We made our way back to the hotel and rested for a while then I went out and got a sandwich and fruit cup which we shared before heading out again for a walk and a cup of coffee at the place we had eaten at last night. We again walked back to the sea front and met a couple from Kentucky and chatted for a while. We took our leave of them and headed back to the hotel just as we felt a drop of rain. By the time we reached our room it was raining heavily and we were quite wet. We dried off and Christine read and did puzzles while I wrote this for posting o the web site.

Tomorrow we hope to visit the Little White House and the oldest House in Key West and possibly take a drive round to where the forts are to walk by the sea where it seemed much quieter.

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