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Friday, November 23, 2007.

Thousand Trails, Advance, NC

Gloucester, VA to Advance, NC

We got up around 7:30 this morning. We had breakfast then started getting the RV ready to pull out. It would have been fun to stay but we are expected in Tennessee on Saturday night. Rich had said something last night about taking Jonathan for a truck ride this morning when they went to get their mail. That sounded like fun. We needed to track our mail down too.

We found out that the slip had been delivered on Wednesday to the office but we didn't get it. They hold the mail at the post office for you to come pick it up. We just figured Rich and Carol's mail would be at the same post office. We decided to break down camp then follow them over but as it turned out their mail was at a different post office so they ended up following us over to get our mail and then we said our good byes there. Jonathan still got to go for a truck ride so that was cool. He liked that.

We headed out from there. We drove for a couple three hours and then stopped for lunch at a Wendy's. We can all eat for under $10 there so that's nice when we're on the road. If anybody's hungry when we get into camp tonight, we have leftovers from yesterday we can warm up.

We decided just to plug in tonight and not worry about anything else. If all goes well, we'll sleep until 6:00 AM then pull out at 7:00 tomorrow morning. We have about a ten hour drive tomorrow so we want to get an early start so we aren't getting in real late. I don't think we're even going to fool with the slides tonight.

We started in Gloucester this morning, drove south down I-85 into South Carolina and now west on I-40 to a town called Advance. We'll stay here tonight and then drive west tomorrow to Spring Hill Tennessee.

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