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I've been in Niagara for nearly a week now and today I'm heading on to Toronto. I've really enjoyed my relazing week here. The hostel is nice and quiet - run by an old couple from Manchester. For most of the week I've had a room to myself - such luxury :) On my first day here I met up with John - a guy from Melbourne who Claire , Majella and I had met in San Francisco - it was good to see a familiar face. We spent 2 days doing nothing which was just what I needed :) On Sunday John was leaving so I walked over the bridge with him to the USA - I'd forgotten my passport so I didn't actually go through the doors and into the USA. Silly me though - I'd forgotten that I would need my passport to get back into Canada! Luckily the customs lady was very nice and let me back into Canada with just a warning!

Monday was my big day at the falls. The falls are spectacular - there are 2 seperate ones - the American falls and the Canadian (Horseshoe ones). The Canadian ones are a lot more spectacular than the American ones. I walked up to the Horseshoe falls snapping pictures all the way. It's really cool - when you walk far enough up you can see the river that then falls away and becomes the waterfall! The river is so wide and the current is very strong - I stood there for ages just watching it. I went on the 'Maid of the Mist' as well - its a boat that takes you right underneath the falls. Everyone gets a bright blue poncho to wear (we all looked like smurfs!) - which is definately needed under the falls - there is so much noise and spray - and there's no point in taking a photo because it's just all misty. It was lots of fun though.

There was a bit of excitement on Monday night - all the tv stations kept broadcasting severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings for south east ontario (where I am) - in the end though there was only a little bit of a thunderstorm and no tornado.

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