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first view of painted desert

another section

so vast and beautiful

I'm at the trailhead of a trail that goes down into the...

Painted Desert Inn

the diner section

did they have cushions or did they sit on the wood?

downstairs seems like it was a bar

ceiling of the concession area

I walked this rim trail to the Inn and back for 1.2...

some of my pictures seem like paintings!

Route 66 went through the NP so they built a pullout to...

now I know to look for low phone poles that tell where...

over 650 petroglyphs in this area alone!

and I was worried about the weight of my car!

tepee rocks at midday

part of Jasper Forest where there are lots of petrified logs

impressive remains of a forest

this is impressive! The letterbox image for this park is a picture...

this got named Old Faithful

I can see why it's tempting to lift a petrified rock or...

Agate Bridge - early rangers thought it needed support - wouldn't do...

Blue Mesa section of the park



started hiking on a mile long loop trail. This bench on the...

the trail as seen from that stone bench

trail from that first switchback in last picture

view from that bench in last picture. This is as far as...

trail from the bench where I stopped

trail as seen from next pullout

trail continues past a tepee rock

ahh - there's the loop back to the start!

tepee rocks in late afternoon

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Painted Desert

(MP4 - 5.61 MB)

Petrified Forest

After spending the night at Root 66 RV Park off an exit for Sun Valley (doesn't seem to be a town, really), a little west of the NP, I spent over 6 hours in this park seeing the Painted Desert on the north side of I-40 and then going to the south side to see the Blue Mesa, more badlands, and petrified wood. I stopped at all the pullouts and walked a few trails. One of them is a mile long and goes down onto the floor of the "canyon" inviting us to enjoy the silence there. NOT for me! I didn't want to hike back up the trail, even though it was paved the whole way, like a bike trail!

Another night at this remote campground right next to the freeway, and it's westward ho! again!

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