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Jack, Yat, Carla and Melissa at Manuel Antonio

The most popular beach in Costa Rica...

...who can resist this sandy beach...

...lazy trees...

...numerous sightings of monkeys??

Visitors warned to be careful with their rubbish...

...so monkeys are like this, instead of in previous


Carla came back to Tarcoles for a weekend, bringing with her, her sister for a whirlwind highlight tour of Costa Rica. Even if it meant going to the same place twice for Carla!

Carla, her sister, and Melissa went to Manuel Antonio for only the day. Jack and I prefered to stay a little longer to get to know it better (it's our first time there).

We only had enough time to do a short hike through the jungle, but were talking too much to sight any animals. We got to the beach, which was really lovely, but a freak big wave carried our belongings (and other people's too) away with it. Lucky Jack and I made a quick enough dash to rescue all the items - even if they got wet. Carla's sister had a scare that her glasses were washed away, but we managed to find them after searching hard. My University of Bath t-shirt got wet, and hung it up on a tree to dry, making a mental note to remember I had hung it up there. Of course when hunger drove us towards the exit, I had quite forgotten about it, and spent the next few days searching everywhere for it. Goodbye top!! This became my first piece of lost clothing...

Our evening was spent busily taking advantage of the numerous "buy one get one free" cocktails during happy hour. Obviously had no time to do anything else! ;) Went down to the beach with Jack, where we practiced some sand skating. Also got him to play some of my games (like predicting where the next wave will wash up) and lost miserably to my new student. Whoops!

The next day, made a quick trip into the nearby Quepos, so Jack could refill his wallet with money. On our way, we tacked up a couple of quickly sketched posters advertising for Locura de Lapas (see, still working hard!). We continued that later in the afternoon, whilst lazing on the beach - drew a poster on the sand! Some people noticed it, and read it with some interest, but some walked right over it! Oi!

In the evening, we went for a drink at the Airplane bar, which was quite nice, and where Jack got himself into my debt for rocking him on his chair for twenty minutes. He denied any payments afterwards! :( There was a beach party back down in Manuel Antonio, but it was quite quiet on the beach. Many people soon followed us out though, and some even asked about the message about Locura de Lapas we had scribbled in the sand. Met some nice people - including Claire and Ivan, a couple from Camden, London.

We met Claire and Ivan again the next morning. They had also signed up onto the same snorkling tour we were offered at a discounted rate. They were good company, especially since considering the tour never happened, and we had spent quite alot of time waiting for the visibility of the water to get better. We weren't quite sure whether it was a scam, or our bad luck. The man gave us a full refund, so we didn't make too much fuss.

We were pretty exhausted when we got back to Tarcoles... felt slightly bad for going away again so soon after a two weeks vacation. But at least had spent some of my weekend constructively making bracelets!

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